About Elkhart Martial Arts

From the Beginning

It is so much more than just “the martial arts” here at Elkhart Martial Arts – it is a way of life.  Senior Grandmaster Steven Travis, who’s name graces the name of this dojang, or training area, has been practicing the martial arts for many years: since 1970.  Mr. Travis has practiced several martial arts over the years and offered many more arts throughout the years of his gym.

When Senior Grandmaster Travis started the martial arts in 1970, he never could have known that he would end up promoting more than 11,000 students to many different ranks in the various martial arts; including more than 500 black belts and 11 masters.  In 1973 he started competing in tournaments and has won over 155 trophies in competition.  He stopped competing in 1997.

Senior Grandmaster Travis has studied several martial arts including: Chung Do Kwan, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Judo.  He has been proficient in all the arts that he has practiced, and has achieved greatness in every martial art that he has practiced in.  In 1976 Travis became an instructor and still to this day is an active instructor in the premier martial arts academy that bears his name in Elkhart: Steve’s Gym | Elkhart Martial Arts.

The Gym

Elkhart Martial Arts has been Elkhart, Indiana has been the premier martial arts academy since 1977. It has withheld many location changes, but has always maintained the same high standards of the martial arts: discipline.

The training area is currently located at 1120 W. Bristol Street, Elkhart, Indiana.  It houses over 3,000 square feet of floor space.  A full service martial arts training area including several kick and punching bags, a black belt locker room and training floor (for private lessons), and a full weight-lifting gym in the basement.  It primarily houses training for Tae Kwon Do (AAU), and Hapkido (Chun Moo), but it also is the home of Terry’s Corner, a mixed martial arts training area and Brazilian Jujitsu.

Start Here

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